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A free guest card audit that tells and shows you what emails your prospects are receiving when they contact your community.

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What will you learn?

  • How long did it take the team to reply to the guest card?
  • Does the FROM name clearly represent my apartment name?
  • Does the SUBJECT stand out? Did it make you want to open the email?
  • How does the email look? We give you a screenshot of every email the community sends to our secret shopper.
Click Here To See Sample Email Audit
Note:  This is not an audit of an apartment. Just an example so you can see the results of a complete audit. OPEN AUDIT

Frequently Asked Questions

What Email Service Providers do you integrate with?

We integrate with all the modern email automation providers (mail chimp, constant contact, hubspot, sales force), but in regards to the industry we work with Hy.ly.

Who sends the email?

Not us. We integrate with your existing email service provider (ESP) and let them send the email. We just create the content and let the professional ESPs send the emails.

What is a relevant persona?

It’s a persona you can implement into a marketing campaign today.

How long will the audit last?

Between 4 and 5 weeks?

Who creates the content?

Not you. We work with you to create branded templates. So you have complete over-site on what is emailed to your customers.

What is lead nurturing?

It’s basically a series of follow up emails.  And the more relevant the email, the higher chance of a conversion (schedule tour or start application).

Why is the audit free?

Instead of budgeting our marketing dollars with the big advertising companies, we decided to invest in some cool software and give it to you for free.

How many secret shop leads will my community receive?

We only submit 1 guest card via the communities website.  They may be on a contact form or via a chat bot.  It really depends on what lead capture direction the website is pushing our secret shopper.

If we started working with you, would you be responsible for sending the emails?

No.  We are not an email delivery solution, rather a content generation solution.  We integrate with the marketing automation systems out there, creating relevant content for individual prospects … so our clients do not have to.  Saving them time and marketing managers sanity by forcing strict brand guidelines across the board.